Halal Lipstick



Our Lush lipstick is a more subtle and neutral shade of pink which can compliment several makeup looks and will look great on every skin tone!

Enriched with vitamin E and has a creamy soft texture, enabling the lipstick to easily glide on to your lips giving the matte finish you desire. Our formula is designed to be lightweight on the lips, but pigmented enough to give you a lasting fabulous feel!

Certified Vegan and Halal. Cruelty & Paraben Free!

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  1. Raakel

    Loving the creamy formula and the colour is stunning. Super easy to apply.

  2. aish

    The perfect pink formula. Its matte but doesn’t dry your lips out.

  3. Jo*

    Perfect shade and a smooth finish. Brilliant 😀

  4. arz000

    Love the color and formula! will definitely buy again.

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