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Irums 100% pure first cold pressed Argan Oil, is certified organic and with the Vegan Society UK. The Argan is sourced from the southern region of Morocco where the Argan trees grow naturally without human interference.
Our oil is packed in 100ml Amber glass bottles with a glass pipette, ensuring the Argan oil does not get defected or loose any of its properties by being exposed to direct sunlight or in contact with harmful plastic material.

SIZE 100ml – Why pay more for less when you can pay less for more!

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Renowned for its divine purity and youth preserving benefits, 100% pure Argan oil is natures super ingredient for the skin. This cold-pressed liquid gold is a miracle moisturizer that replenishes and protects the skin with powerful antioxidants, Vitamin E & essential fatty acids.


For external use only

Skin Care: Argan Oil is great for hydrating and leaving your skin feeling soft and moisturized! For best results wash face and skin where you want to apply oil and pat dry. Using the pipette provided, apply a few drops at a time, massage on to the desired area with hands and leave. Use daily for soft beautiful skin.Primer: On a freshly cleaned face, apply a few drops – for drier skin use 4 drops, for oily skin use 2 – Gently apply on face providing intense hydration instantly. Apply your foundation immediately after. Can also be used on lips before applying lipstick to keep lips hydrated and moisturized throughout the day.Hair Care: Argan oil has many hair benefits. It can help fight dandruff and tame frizzy hair. An excellent hair conditioner! For healthy looking, manageable shiny hair, use the oil after every hair wash/shower. Using a few drops at a time on your palm, distribute on hair and scalp rubbing gently.

Precaution – Argan Oil is derived from the Nut of the Argan tree and has rarely been reported to cause allergic reactions. However we still recommend you do a patch test on a small area of skin before applying fully.


  1. Mehreen

    Perfect! Just what i needed.

  2. Sophie

    Lovely product. Helps with my dry skin and hair feels amazing😁

  3. Selena

    This oil has already changed the softness in my skin! during the last month i went through some major breakouts on my face, and then i stumbled across irum’s Argan Oil, the perfect savior. I have been using it as a night oil before going to bed and leaves my skin plump ready for the next morning. would highly recommend for those who have sensitive skin!

  4. Drea

    Perfect base for my makeup and gives that extra glow throughout the day. Love it!

  5. Daisy

    Loving the oil for everywhere. keeps my skin moisturized and hair is definitely less frizzy. I apply it to my hair after washing and towel drying, and works wonders.

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