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Irum cosmetics Ltd is a UK registered and based company. The company was founded with the ideology of providing the public with safe cosmetics. Working closely with all of our manufacturing facilities and raw material suppliers, all of our products are, and will be, free from harmful ingredients. We also have a strict policy against Animal testing and cruelty and ensure with whoever we work and trade with have the same concept. Hence, we can proudly say that each and every single product of ours is cruelty free from start to finish and has no animal derived ingredients.
Our Argan oil and Clay masks are certified Vegan and organic. We are currently perfecting the formula for our lipsticks which will be launched later this year, as you know, good things take time! Our makeup line will not only be free from harmful parabens and heavy metals which are linked to many illnesses, they will also be free from Alcohol and certified Halal.  



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